3 Popular Advertising Platforms for Digital Marketing

3 Popular Advertising Platforms for Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing has become a key growth factors for businesses today. Ever since the customers have gone online, the businesses have also started setting up an online business model. However, just like in offline market, the online market too requires marketing and advertising online to ensure success. Digital gurus are swearing by the success of digital advertising and sharing their tips on how to crack the secret code to success.

One of the tips that digital strategists share is that one needs to do online advertising to get the word out there and see some meaningful traction. But an advertising platform has to be chosen depending on your target market and BANT contacts, right? Here are 3 popular online advertising platforms that work for any business.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has changed the way we connect and interact with people. It has made our relationships and memories digital. Nobody would have though Facebook would bring in a sea change in the basic pattern of human interactions.

But what Facebook also does is that it analyses our posts to understand our personalities, our preferences, and our lifestyles and hobbies. This is exactly what an advertiser would like to have. Facebook fleshes out a person’s persona for a marketer to us. So you can create and post advertisements that are targeted towards a certain type of people who have a specific lifestyle or preference. This makes the advertising more effective and gives better results.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest professional networks. In contrast to Facebook, LinkedIn is more like a room full of professionals from different walks of life connecting and interacting with each other. Compared to Facebook which is a more personal reflection on a person’s life, LinkedIn is a more professional platform.

A marketer can use this platform to identify the people who are the right type of titles and buyers for their products and services. You can do a BANT level profiling of people and created customized advertising for them.

LinkedIn also has several groups where you can post your ads to reach out to more number of people.

Google Advertising

Also known as paid advertising, this is also another platform to target active users who are looking for your services and products online. The higher you appear on their search results, the higher are the chances of them purchasing from you.


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