Dealing with Your Employees’ Compensation the Fair Way

Dealing with Your Employees’ Compensation the Fair Way

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In any business, compensation is always a sensitive issue. From the very start, you have to offer the right salary to the person being offered the job. Otherwise, this person will refuse the offer and look for other jobs.

Once inside the company, you have to make sure that salary raises, bonuses and incentives are given fairly. Not everyone deserves to have an increase. Others who do must be given the right increase commensurate with the performance shown. Otherwise, it will stir controversies among the employees.

Be attentive to details

If you want to be fair when it comes to salaries, you have to make sure that you take a look at every detail regarding the performance of the employees. You can’t just give salary increases to those who don’t deserve one. You should also see to it that there is a clear yardstick in evaluating their performance. You want to give bonuses only to those who have attained their goals or have exceeded what you expected of them.

Try comparing performance

As a leader, you might be told not to really compare your employees since everyone has strengths. However, when it comes to salary increases and bonuses, you have no other choice but to make comparisons. After all, if someone is given a bonus despite poor performance while another is not, this will potentially cause major problems. Therefore, before giving any bonus, you have to take a look at the overall employee performance and see how one is against another.

Provide a chance for self-evaluation

It also helps if you ask the employees to rate themselves. Allow them to judge their performance so you will know if they think of themselves the right way. This also tells you who among the employees is humble enough to admit their mistakes and shortcomings and who is too proud to admit that they are not doing as great as they should.

Use compensation software

You need to consider using software like Curo HR Software. In the end, even if you have given fair bonuses, if it is not encoded well and not reflected in the final salary, this will be a problem. With the use of quality software, everything is recorded with accuracy. The amount to be distributed and deducted will be clear enough. There won’t be complaints coming from the employees. They will know that everything has been calculated accurately.

If they wish to complain about the amount received, it can be easily tracked using the software. There can be changes made too if necessary. You won’t have to hire a lot of people to do the job. The software already has the ability to manage the details.

Being fair as a boss is not easy. However, if you have clear standards, everyone will know their place. They won’t complain. They won’t have hurt feelings. They will accept where they stand and just do better the next time. This will also motivate them to improve their performance, so they will be on a par with others.


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