Epson AcuLaser C3800 – Solution For The Printing In Color Needs

Epson AcuLaser C3800 – Solution For The Printing In Color Needs

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The epson stylus nx625 is quite large, mostly tall, and weighs approximately 30 kg (with all of toner cartridges along with other fillings). Cartridges are set up vertically across the front wall making certain a sufficiently rapid single-pass printing in color. Here is the primary cassette tray for 500 sheets.

To spread out the multipurpose tray, you have to disassemble almost the entire front cover. The tray takes much space, but it’s not created for frequent use, aside from periodic printing of the page or more. Around the from the multipurpose tray, there’s usb port spot for flash drives.

The Aculaser C3800 includes a purpose of secure printing implemented using the USB port. It is rather simple — you don’t need to enter passwords on your pc first, after which around the printer user interface, simply employ a memory stick.

With that same right-side wall, you will find the ability button and interface connectors. USB and Ethernet slots are hidden inside a fairly deep niche you have access to by lifting a little lid.

The output tray is deep enough to support a 250-page document. For insurance, you are able to set the plastic catcher, although during tests paper never fell off. In a high-speed of printing, the printer doesn’t goes ready documents, but lightly lays them in to the output tray.

User Interface is quite standard, having a small but quite contrast Liquid crystal display. Navipad of 4 buttons is helpful the cancel button is situated in an obvious place, that is good.

To get at the cartridges, you have to open the whole front panel from the printer, along with the user interface. Cartridges are arranged vertically removing and setting them up is extremely easily, just pull the small handlers of the identical color, that is on the toner cartridge.

Driver from the Epson Aculaser C3800 is extremely much like those of inkjet printers, and from their store it adapted the “Photo” tab within the simplified menu.

Around the first tab, you might set the printing quality, paper size and paper source. On a single page, whenever you click on the “Advanced” button, a tab with color management and backbone setting opens. There-you can switch between color and monochrome printing modes, different color management presets you may also by hand adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and color.

Single-pass design assists you to print monochrome and color documents with virtually exactly the same speed. This really is the situation with Epson C3800: printing of color and monochrome text document required the equivalent time (20 pages each minute), even though the specifications for black and white-colored printing are 25 parts per million. Printing an intricate document (text and graphics) at 1200 dots per inch required almost 10 occasions more than at 300 dots per inch. Drop the idea of with that — you’ll unlikely to obtain a higher quality, until the document provides extensive photos.

Printing quality in the resolution of 300 dots per inch is good generally, even though the contours of letters aren’t very obvious, the written text reads well in 4 pt font. At 1200 dots per inch the contours of figures tend to be clearer, once more 4 pt fonts are very well-read.

When it comes to color, you are able to hardly find fault within the C3800. The colours are juicy, wealthy, without gaps and fills. Photos are printed almost perfectly: no spurious tones, only monochrome images manifested slight blue tint. Good details without clearly visible raster tonal and color transitions are smooth.

The security printing is a strategy to remove the risk of taking a corporate data will be leaked out of the locking of a USB port to write a memory stick. The precautions have been taken, the next highest risk is on the printer.

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