Heightening Your Business Prospects and Reducing Overhead Outlays: Making the Shift to a Fully Serviced Office Space

Heightening Your Business Prospects and Reducing Overhead Outlays: Making the Shift to a Fully Serviced Office Space

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After a protracted dry spell with regard to office vacancies, the economic landscape across Sydney is booming and becoming increasingly competitive.

According to the latest prognostications from BIS Oxford Economics, the office vacancy rate in the greater Sydney area will decline to less than 4% within the next 24 months, due in large part to the ascension of cost-effective, ultra-convenient serviced office buildings.

As such, real estate mavens will be encouraged to continue expanding their offerings and bolstering the standard inclusions that come with lease and rent agreements, which means that you have a lot to gain by re-evaluating your current set-up.

This brief report will underscore why dozens upon dozens of private-sector companies are beginning to ditch their overpriced, poorly equipped agencies in favour of individualised, fully serviced offices in Sydney.

Sought-After Features and Value-Added Aspects

The aggregate supply of office space throughout Sydney has remained stagnant for nearly a half-decade, and there is a dearth of new construction initiatives slated for development, which explains why the best-rated providers have decided to capitalise on the present-day trends by reinforcing the very nature of their lease contracts. Shown below are the most coveted facets and characteristics of these new-age worksite alternatives:

  • Opulent and well-appointed members lounge
  • First-rate connectivity across all forms of digital communication
  • Inclusive operational support and receptionist assistance
  • On-demand IT experts available daily
  • Gratis refreshments and pick-me-ups provided
  • Unmitigated 24/7/365 building access through a highly secure keyless entry system

As you might imagine, a serviced worksite allows you to eliminate all of the logistical and operative concerns associated with moving locations, and everything you could ever need is fitted, furnished, and readily available starting from day one.

Lucrative Tenancy Offers

To help you circumvent budgetary apprehensions and cost-related issues, you can easily avail yourself of money-saving discounts and bonuses, such as 50% off of your first six months of occupancy.

There are no one-size-fits-all agreements either. Whether you find yourself in need of a remote workspace, telecommuting infrastructure, or private physical location, your provider will tailor a distinctive plan that can accommodate your corporate requirements in a sensible, made-to-measure manner.

Unsurpassed Accessibility

The nucleus of contemporary real estate is the deep-rooted truism of location, location, location, which is why you might also want to know that the top-rated serviced offices are situated in the heart of Sydney’s central business district.

Being able to increase your exposure by catering to clients in iconic, state-of-the-art buildings will provide an immediate boost to your growth efforts and strategic vision, not to mention the fact that you’ll also be within arm’s reach of shopping malls, high-end restaurants, world-class hotels, public transportation hubs, and countless other conveniences.

All you have to do is contact a resourceful office directory to pinpoint a fantastic solution for your company, but serviced space is limited, so get your act together, and seize the opportunity as soon as possible.

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