Low Priced used cars that you might like

Low Priced used cars that you might like

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Driving in a car is everyone’s wish and for some, it may be a dream. While Tata did try to fulfil people’s dream of driving a car, it was soon met with a lot of hurdles. At the same time, this dream was fulfilled for some people and some were left. Not everyone preferred to buy a Tata Nano and that’s why they looked and still do look at used cars – be it hatchbacks, sedans or luxury cars.

Lately, used sedans have had a high demand in the market. Bangalore, with its high population of young people is one such market where the demand is high. Used Hyundai Verna car Bangalore 1 lakh is common with a lot of young people living in the city.

Buying a New or Used Hyundai Verna

Experts believe that Hyundai Verna is a great car to buy whether it is a new or an old, used one. This makes it a great buy especially from the resale market. Due to this, there is a huge market for the car in both new and used condition. It depends on the person’s budget whether they want to buy new or a used Hyundai.

Used car costing around 1 lakh

While sedans are typically more expensive that hatchbacks, buying a used sedan would not empty your pockets that much. With the help of various used car stores and websites, one can easily buy just about any car in any budget. The cost of the used car depends primarily on the model/ year, the mileage and the condition of the car.

Older cars or those that have a higher mileage are even available at costs lower than 1 lakh rupees and are easily affordable to most of the young population in any city – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and across India. Hyundai Verna with mileage above 1 lakh kilometres and before 2010 would be available below 1 lakh rupees in Bangalore

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