Overcoming Challenges with Human Resources through Outsourcing

Overcoming Challenges with Human Resources through Outsourcing

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The success of any company or business relies on the team of people working together to achieve a common goal. The reality is, managing a group of individuals with varying personalities can be a challenge. Say for example you have already hired competent and skilled workers. Does this guarantee that they will be able to provide the necessary results without intervention? Human resources are indeed one of the most important aspects of any company. To make sure that your HR management does not encounter any issues, you must be aware of the common challenges faced by HR and how to avoid them.


Legal struggles are a reality for any company but can be minimised or avoided if you are compliant with employment laws. Processes change periodically and employment tribunals raise new questions almost weekly. It’s hard to keep up with these changes, not to mention make sure that your company is compliant. For example, did you know that you will have to pay a fine of up to £20,000 for every employee you hire who lacks the necessary permits to work in the UK? Without a dedicated HR team, these things can fall through the cracks and eventually lead to bigger problems. At the end of the day, compliance is a top priority for any company.

Holiday Payments

This may seem straightforward enough but there are many challenges involved with making sure that each employee is given their mandatory 20 days of leave credits each year. Many large companies use automated systems for filing, tracking, and calculating holiday payments. If you lack the resources to use an automated system, you have to ensure that your HR team has a dedicated workforce handling compensations and benefits alone. This will help reduce the overlapping of duties and help employees to focus on a specific area of HR management.

Staff Turnover and Attrition

It is a fact that employees will ‘jump ship’ due to a myriad of reasons not necessarily caused by poor management. Regardless of the reason for leaving the company, it costs money to hire new people and train them. That’s why it is worth the investment to offer retention programmes and incentives to boost morale and encourage employees to stay with the company.


Every business owner does not want to deal with redundancies and having to let go of employees. Unfortunately, this is another reality of operating a business that one has to deal with. The most important part of dealing with this issue is to make sure that your company remains compliant with employment laws. Legal concerns may arise if the proper protocol is not followed. When faced with this kind of problem, it is best to consult professionals in the field of HR such as Hunter Adams in London. HR consulting firms can provide the necessary expertise in dealing with smooth transitions resulting from trimming down the workforce.

Outsourcing HR

This is not necessarily an issue but an option that can be considered by any large or small business. Operating expenses associated with keeping HR in-house can be optimised by outsourcing from a consultancy firm.

Like with other services, there are many options available if you want to outsource from an HR consultancy firm. Assessing the needs of your company will help you decide on the best steps to take.

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