Say Bye to Back Problems by Investing on a Good Office Chair

Say Bye to Back Problems by Investing on a Good Office Chair

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Are you constantly suffering from stiff neck and back pain? You are fit and healthy, but cannot find the root cause of such pain. No, your age is not catching up with you. One of the major reasons for your back pain can be your office chair.

Staring Continuously at your Computer

Offices these days are mostly dependent on technology. An average employee spends approximately 8 – 12 hours in front of their computer. Sitting for prolonged hours in an uncomfortable office chair can cause serious consequences to your health. Many people tend to ignore this issue, but in fact is a serious concern.

A lot can go wrong if you have the wrong office chairs in your organization. When we sit, the correct posture is very important. The first couple of hours we might sit in a correct position, but after a few hours we tend to slouch over the chair. This can cause pain and issues to the spinal cord.

Investing in the wrong office chair can:

  • Lead to chronic back aches
  • Lead to stiffness in the neck
  • Your legs might start hurting due to constant strain to your spine
  • You can even get muscle strains

Right Sitting Posture is Important

Sitting in the right posture proves to be beneficial in many ways. It not only reduces back pains but can also help to uplift your mood and self confidence. Here is how you should sit at your work desk:

  • Your feet should be flat on the floor
  • Your legs should be bent in a comfortable position
  • Sit straight and push your hips far back in the chair
  • You can use the adjustability feature of the chair to recline it further
  • Sit close to your system so that the screen is in line or above your vision
  • Your shoulders should be relaxed and arms bent at a 90-degree angle

You can make a few adjustments to your chair so that you are comfortable sitting in it. Ensure to take enough breaks and move about. This gives you body some exercise. Do some stretching exercises or go for a short walk in the office.

While choosing an office chair, ensure that you do your homework on the type and style of chair you require. Go in for stores that offer warranty on their products.


Incorporating the right sitting posture along with a comfortable office chair can do wonders to your health and productivity. You will feel more positive and focused at your workplace.

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