This Is The Best E-Commerce Marketing Tool To Use In 2018 And Know Why?

This Is The Best E-Commerce Marketing Tool To Use In 2018 And Know Why?

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Launched in 2013, in North Dakota as a marketing calendar tool, CoSchedule is now ranked by as the best business tool ever built by a startup. With several features such as Social Media Scheduling, Analytics, Workflow Management, Requeue, Marketing campaigns etc. added to it, CoSchedule has become a complete marketing tool. Everyone who has used CoSchedule so far has said that they would also recommend it to their friends. So what is it that makes CoSchedule the best Marketing Tool to use in 2018? Let’s take a detailed look at what are the features CoSchedule offers and how it has managed to please so many people.

Who Can Use CoSchedule?

The first question a customer asks while making a purchase is – is this useful for me. CoSchedule is a tool that can be used by a wide variety of audience. If you are a solopreneur, or if you have a virtual assistant or someone with marketing knowledge helping you, you can give them the access to take care of their part and you will still have admin access to go ahead and review everything. You can even assign tasks to the people you are getting help from. CoSchedule is also a great tool for small businesses, agencies, as well as professional marketers. What’s great is it can also be used by higher education marketing teams to organize and execute marketing campaigns across the campus for each and every department. This really bears testimony to how much multifunctionality it offers.

Let us now look at some features and how they are making your life easier.

Marketing Calendar

CoSchedule’s marketing calendar is a great tool for coordinating, planning and executing your tasks. The best part is its visual calendar interface which comes with a full screen layout and a drag and drop functionality. On this calendar you can create new content from anywhere and can color coordinate your posts. It also integrates with WordPress.

Social Media Scheduling

COSchedule is great for your engagement as it will plan your posts to give live at the best times when there is the highest traffic, so that your post gets good readership. Some people have even reported that they noticed a 600% rise in their readership and that they were able to assess the content that was performing the best on social media. It saves you a lot of time by allowing you to create a predefined social sharing plan which you can reuse time and again to schedule social media messages in bulk. When it comes to publishing content, you will love how institutively it is designed.


With this feature, you can automatically reuse the best social media messages without having to put in any manual work. It reviews your social schedule, and promotes your messages when the time is optimal. This feature is great for intelligent resharing which helps you cut down on your workload, so you can take care of other things.


It is also a great analytics tool which will automatically notify you about your top performing content. It tracks your content and makes improvements to it based on its performance and re-shares the best ones as needed. If you use several social media platforms, you no longer have to download reports about KPIs from each individual platform as CoSchedule will download unique reports for all of them tracking your performance across multiple profiles so you know what working best for you.

Marketing Campaigns

This feature enables you to centralize your entire marketing campaign. You can gauge timelines, keep a track of tasks and budgets and create an entire roadmap for your campaign well in advance. You no longer have to miss a deadline as you will be able to track progress and immediately make adjustments as and when necessary. It is a very agile and visual tool that helps your marketing team stay organized. If you are running a ecommerce website it is a very collaborative tool for your ecommerce marketing efforts.

Social Templates

It is another great feature that helps with workflow management. With this you can create your own social media promotion schedule which you can apply to every other future post which again saves you a hundreds of hours of valuable time. It greatly helps you increase your efficiency.

It also comes loaded with some free tools like headline analyzer, email subject line tester and social message optimizer. This tool integrates with several platforms like GoogleDocs, WordPress, Google Analytics, Evernote, MailChimp, Zapier, etc. The lean project management and design tools come in very handy. The best part about CoSchedule is that it eliminates the need for multiple tools for different purposes and brings all the functionality in one place. One thing it does lack is the social listening capabilities, but then every tool out there falls behind in one way or the other. Despite that, CoSchedule still integrates the features of several other tools and that’s probably it was recognized as the best tool by Entrepreneur. It is also very reasonably priced for a tool that packs so many features. If you still don’t feel convinced enough, make use of the two-week trial period and see for yourself.

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