Why Hire SEO Agency Instead of an In-House Team

Why Hire SEO Agency Instead of an In-House Team

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SEO has become a fundamental need of online businesses in Singapore today. Almost everybody recognizes the need to get SEO done for their website. But the most fundamental question that comes up is: should I have an in-house SEO team or should I hire an external agency to take care of my SEO Singapore?

We believe it is always a wise decision to get an SEO agency in Singapore on board. Here are 5 reasons that justify our belief.

Ready to Use Team with SEO Knowledge

When an SEO agency comes on board, it brings along with it its own set of people who specialize in SEO. You get a team that can start working on your website instantly from day one. If you try to set up your own in-house team then you would have to go through a lengthy hiring process which can time some time. And even if you are able to hire a few resources to work in-house they are going to take some time to get acclimatized with your business, the organization hierarchy, and their own roles and responsibilities. This can lead to considerable loss in time before the in-house team can actually become productive. 

Proven Expertise and Experience

A third party SEO provider has the experience and expertise of working on other websites from your industry vertical or business niche. Their experience of working on several other similar projects come handy here because they have better understanding of what works for your industry. However, the resources that you have hired may not be so well versed with your industry vertical and would have to try multiple things before they can identify what works for you.

Focus on Performance

Since the SEO agency is hired on a limited period contract and its extension depends entirely on the performance, the team is very focused on delivering the expected results in a limited timeframe. But an in-house team may not be driven by the same kind of motive and may take its own sweet time to deliver results.

Better Project Management

Most SEO service providers assign separate project managers to look into and manage each contract. These project managers ensure that the right type of SEO practices are being applied to your website and progress is being made. However, an in-house team may not have a dedicated project manager to work with.


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